Saturday, 22 October 2011


Let me congratulate myself to take this decision and gather courage to express the suffocation I had been feeling since long. The suffocation being the outcome of the political scenario prevailing in the country and the colliding mischievous bureaucrats, corporate and  the gundas in the garb of politicians of different shades with different faces to grab the share of the so-called common man.

I am heart-struck rather have been feeling helpless to see a large section of society, so-called pragmatic and elite, always and everywhere, talk about corruption and malpractices prevailing all around with attractive and well-woven words (shabd jaal) and with different form of media - electronic, print at their disposal because of their high position. The words which they never practice and they never mean what they say to dis-illusion the common man.

The main talks of the day are: (1) brishtachaar (corruption), (2) inflation due to many causes - one of them being neo-consumerism cherished and inflated by the MNCs  through different forms of media, (3) terrorism - both external and internal, (4) the "varchasva" of the people with criminal records such as murder, abduction, rape, money laundering and depositing their ill-earned money in different tax-haven countries. This has paralyzed the economy of the country to a great extent and amounts to desh-droh.

"Shat Shat" naman to Shri Anna Hazare - his desh-bhakti, determination to fight the ills prevailing in the country even at the cost of his life and the common men standing behind him with their support to his fight for this noble cause. It is the only ray of hope which has inspired me to share my views with my fellow country men sailing in the same boat with an agony of helplessness and disillusionment created by the leadership - political, economical or the executive by and large.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

About my blog

This is just a presentation of my views about the society, the prevailing conditions in the country and the diferrent faces of Indian politics.